Yes, Ukrainian women like American men. And beautiful and kind Ukrainian girls are also to the US men’s liking. And there’s no wonder, as Slavic beauties are notable not only for their outer attractiveness and charm but also for that thing that lacks so much with western ladies – femininity, tolerance and kindness. Here everything seems to be understandable. But a quite logical question appears – why do charming, educated, quite successful women lose their interest in Ukrainian men and start their search for a partner in America? Well, let’s try and look at this from the point of view of Ukrainian women themselves.
First, many people know that there is a considerable difference in Ukraine between the number of men and women. The latter are in obvious majority.
A conclusion? A part of women (especially after 30-35) can’t find husbands for themselves and that’s why they must stay alone. Not very cheerful statistics, isn’t it?
The next thing leading women to disappointment is men’s manners, their habits and way of life. It happened so that they take women’s love and adoration as a normal state of things (there is an opinion among them that ‘men should be taken care of as there are fewer of them’).

On this basis Ukrainian men as distinct from American men are not apt to prolonged courtesy and handsome gestures, they can’t be called romantics. And any woman – there is no point in concealing it – wants to be constantly surrounded with attention and care. It is so natural!
Surely, there is another reason why girls look for a husband especially in the USA. Many want to find a man with whom one can feel herself as ‘behind a stonewall’. Nobody will question the fact that economic situation in Ukraine remains very complicated and many women are afraid of such instability. They want to be sure that a well-to-do future waits for not only them but for their children also.
But it is no point in thinking that Ukrainian brides look for a partner in America only because of mercenary motives. As ‘when one has everything’ life seems to be stale and comfort doesn’t satisfy! Just that’s why when leaving for the USA Ukrainian women remain the same active as in their motherland. They find job, study… in general live an intense life!
Making a conclusion one can only say that Slavic brides looking for a husband in the USA strive for the things any person dreams of – to find one’s love, respect and happiness…