In general, a Ukrainian woman is a person with a capital P! She can not always can be understood by men, but is definitely endearing them to their beauty, intelligence, talent, and an inexplicable force of will.
Ukrainian woman for many men are as "the light bulb is to moths', a seductive and mysterious, but nigh closer burn. A Ukrainian girl`s character is unpredictable. She is like a storm and calm, light and darkness, cold and heat it at the same time.
Perhaps you do not know anything about the girls from the Ukraine, or have a false idea about them. Perhaps somewhere there is an idea that the bride from the Slavic countries wants to live better, prosperous life so she can marry a sick, ugly, old or dishonest men. But it is not the true. Few people know that what makes a Ukrainian woman is her personal choice. They choose their own way.

There is no recipe to win a woman, if she does not want that. Ukrainian women are very willful, they will not do what they do not want, they will not be submissive and to be in the shadow of men, of course, if they do not.
If you were able to interest a girl from Ukraine then the fate smiles on you and you have a chance to change your lives for the better.
Love and admire by the weakness and femininity of Slavic women, but be aware of the strength of their character. As they say in Russia, "Russian woman and a horse at full gallop and stop the burning hut." This adage accurately reflects all of the inner essence of the Russian (Ukrainian) women, the incredible power of their will.
Cherish her devotion and care. For her lover she will do anything, she will not spare herself for the sake of her dear men.
Appreciate it as a gift to be a mother, and the ability to love and raise children, create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the house, her extraordinary spirituality.
Respect their freedom, trust your wife from Ukraine and she will pay back you the same, bloom all her divine beauty and fill your life with joy, warmth and love.