A huge city where everyone tries to find his own place in the sun. A city of possibilities, bright contrasts, advanced youth and entertainments. At the same time, it’s the city of lonely women. It is easier when they are young. When they are about 30 they are still young but more critical. It is considered that a young attractive girl has no need to worry as she may meet her prince anywhere – in a traffic jam, a restaurant, on a resort and even at work. It is at the same time hard to believe, especially after looking at the sites of Kiev dating agencies filled with advertisements and profiles of lonely Ukrainian girls.

Why is it so? Local girls spend their whole lives in a rat race for success, career and achievements. They focus on their work, as only well-to-do people are able to live in the capital and enjoy all its amenities. Because of that women living in the capital have no time for transient connections.

What should one say about relationships when it is not so easy to find even friends? Moreover, it’s not just a problem of Kiev. The world statistics shows that the bigger the city is the lonelier its citizens are. There are too many people and it’s hard to choose the good ones for friendship, communication and connecting one’s life with. Life turns out to be unfair, as Kiev’s women are a pride of the city. They are well-educated and stunningly beautiful. They achieve much success in work and social life. They keep homely comfort in their families.

There is also a demographical problem of loneliness of the ladies from the capital. It’s quite simple – there are much more women then men in Kiev. And it’s quite easy to explain. There is no secret that in the capital live the most well-to-do people in the country. Here are most of all millionaires and those who will soon become millionaires. And it’s not an advantage, it’s rather a problem, as beautiful and ambitious girls come from the whole country who want to find a good couple for themselves and stay in the capital. It’s impossible to say that all those who can be met in the capital have only mercenary motives and one’s intelligence, charm, handsomeness, and other accomplishments of men have no meaning for them. However, there are still many of those for whom material benefits are of most importance. While searching for a bride in the bride city one has to be wide awake not to fall across such a woman. Life with her will never bring happiness.

In fact, in Kiev, as well as in any other cities there is the same probability to find a real love of one’s life or a scammer who will steal your money and disappear in the metropolis. Everything depends on how and where you are looking for a bride.

Naturally, today the internet became the most popular means for getting acquainted. It pushed all other instruments aside. People register in social networks, fill in questionnaires on dating sites, communicate on forums and specialized resources. Though virtual world is very attractive, there is no need to forget that it is unreal, that nobody controls it, and that it’s very simple to sell a lie for truth. You can never be sure that you are getting acquainted with the girl who comes to meet you.

What else remains? Cafes and night clubs should be thrown away at once, as they are not places where people get acquainted for starting serious relationships. There one can find a partner for a transient intrigue, flirtation or sex for one night, but not more in the majority of cases. And there is an old but forgotten way – getting acquainted through a dating agency. For example, a-Goodwife which guarantees a strict selection of candidates which excludes emergence of scammers in the base. Lonely women who are really in search of relationships come here, that’s why an effectiveness of this way is very high.