British Internet-users achieved their purpose in deletion of a RussianBrides dating-site’s advertisement from the Radio Times portal main page. The entertainment site housed the advertisement of the ‘Russian brides’ dating site on its main page. The visitors of the site considered the banner too provoking and turned to advertisement control authorities with their complaints.
Angry Radio Times site visitors sent their complaint to control authorities and specified in it that the advertisement placed on a banner was too sexual.
On the banner of the dating agency there is a young beautiful girl laying in a too erotic position. There was also a slogan ‘Sexy Russian sensations’ and there was a button ‘Flirt now’ on the banner. The British were too worried that children could see all that. In their complaint, they also admitted that they considered such an advertisement too offensive and they didn’t wish to see it on the main page of the site.

However, according to a study undertaken, the majority of the Russian brides get a British citizenship after they merry a British man. Then they turn to companies providing a service of work authorization, they find a job and become fully legitimate society members.
Advertisement control authorities resolved that the position in which the model is depicted on the banner is too provoking and insolent. Experts who were engaged in this process decided that the slogan and the banner could insult the British as they make the advertisement too sexual. After some consultations, the specialists concurred that such an advertisement is not appropriate for placing on the site dedicated to movies, TV and music.
The banner with Russian brides that seemed to the English population too sexual was taken away from the site.