1. In Kiev there are a lot of beautiful girls. One can definitely say that there is the large number of pretty girls among the other capitals of European countries. There is no sense to compare ladies from Kiev to the average German, Austrian or on Norway women – they are so different.

Natalya, 30 y/o   Kristina, 25 y/o,

2. Most often the local beauties have light brown or dark blond hair, rarer they are brunettes and blondes. They have curvy figures which add some special piquancy and sexuality to their images.

Mariya, 31 y/o   Alina, 23 y/o,

3. Ladies from Kiev are very fond of sports, they are surprisingly strong. Even if you see a chubby girl, it does not mean anything, she can easily walk kilometers; lift three packages from the store and a couple of children. When they have a free minute they run, ride a bike, go hiking, in general they prefer active lifestyle.

Nadya, 28 y/o   Elena, 21 y/o,

4. Women in Kiev are nice and pretty. Like all representatives of Slav people, sometimes they look sad and do not just smile at strangers. But if you make friends with them, do some minimal pleasant thing, they will be pleased and they will smile you sincere.

Darina, 23 y/o   Anna, 25 y/o,

6. Ladies from the capital of Ukraine are not lazy. Like any normal people, they are great housekeepers, build a career, raise children, love family gathering. By the way, most of the girls have a job in Ukraine.

Anastasiya 35 y/o   Marina, 26 y/o,

7. They are using make up properly, their skin is smooth and healthy and with no wrinkles. The girls and women in Ukraine look good without makeup also as well, because there is a good environment, high-quality natural products and a total relaxation and kindness in the air.

Irina 30 y/o   Tatyana, 29 y/o,

8. Kiev ladies do not behave provocatively and vulgar, use makeup property and have nice classic hairstyles compare to the girls from the provincial towns, they are just different. There are models who wear heels, dresses, but most of Kiev women prefer naturalness and beauty wear comfortable causal clothes or jeans and wear heels during some holidays.

9. Girls in Kiev are prudent, they cannot as Russians or Italians spend all the money to buy a coat and then a year to pay the loan. Therefore, if you meet a lady from Kiev wearing a fur coat and lots of jewelry and expensive clothes, so she is probably from a wealthy family and can really afford it.

10. They love to cook, and prepare a variety of foods, including baking, they make pickles, bake meat, make barbecue. At the stores Ukrainians are buying fresh products for cooking, they barely use prepacked ingredients. Family recipes books are very popular in Ukraine.

11. In Ukraine there are a lot of single women. This is due to many factors: demographic (there are more women in Ukraine than men) and economic- Ukrainian men cannot take care of their families well. That is why Kiev is often mentioned by many sources as a city of brides and it is the most popular destination among single men from United States and Europe. The databases of popular Ukrainian marriage agencies and dating services consist of thousands of profiles of Kiev brides who are ready to meet foreign men for serious long term relations and marriage.